Monday, February 06, 2006

Islam has got to go...

If there is any evidence that Islam is too archaic for the 21st Century, one need not look any further than the absurd reactions to a few stupid caricatures that were originally published in a Danish newspaper. Here there are:

Now, if someone posted images, similar in nature, with Christ as the central figure, there MIGHT be protests, but certainly not this bullshit that is going on.

Regardless of the people who excuse Islam and claim it is a religion of peace, Islam in its current form is the most immediate threat to world stability since communistic dictatorships (and George Bush). It either has to go through some fundamental shift in ideology (unlikely) or it has to be decimated to the point of near extinction.

As a Canadian, we are told, time after time, to be tolerant. Fuck that. I don't like this religion (I really don't like ANY religion, but this one is and Eve were 600 feet tall? Really? Uhuh. Islam makes Scientology sound plausible). I don't want my children exposed to its 15th Century beliefs. Go away.

Let's face it, if you have a pack of rabid dogs, you don't coddle them and make excuses, you exterminate them. Islam needs to be dismantled. Period.