Monday, February 13, 2006

Olympic games

Okay...on Saturday Feb 11th, 2006, at about 9:00 am EST, I was already sick of the Olympics. Hey...that's a new record...and a personal best!

Never liked the Olympics (especially the European bias...they drop Baseball but bring in some sport only played by a handful of European countries and Somalia...asswipes), and hate the coverage even more. Though at least watching it on the CBC as opposed to whichever US media outlet is covering it this year, you get to see that there are other countries in the Olympics.

But CBC's coverage is's my text-based imitation of CBC Olympic coverage...

"Wow...Jennifer Heil has won a Gold Medal for Canada in the women's moguls. Let's watch the replay and analyse ever nuance of her performance!"

....several minutes later.....

"Oh, Canada was favoured in this speed skating event, but Cyndi Klassen won a bronze. Good for her...she did a personal best....! Hey, let's watch Jennifer Heil's Gold medal performance!"

...several minutes later...

"Canadians came in [insert some number way after 6th place] in the [insert some inane "event" like the biathalon]. Wow, that was [some no-name]'s personal best! Let's see Jennifer Heil's Gold medal performance once again!"