Thursday, June 21, 2007

July 21, 2007

Mark that date down in your calendars. If I have to explain what it means, shame on you! No, it isn't the fact that it is my birthday. July 21st is my birthday, but that isn't why I think it is important...though I wish it were :)

No, July 21, 2007 is the release date of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Yay.

Here are my predictions:

1. Snape will be a hero...and...based on a comment by Rowling :
JKR: yeah, you will. Erm - it's - errr - yet again kind of the - in - you won't find out ... OK, in book three, you're absolutely right, you find out a lot about Harry's father. Now, the - the important thing about Harry's mother - the really, really significant thing - you're going to find out in two - in two parts. You'll find out a lot more about her in book five, or you'll find out something very significant about her in book five, and you'll find out something incredibly important about her in book seven. But I can't tell you what those things are, so I'm sorry, but they - yes, you will find out more about her, because they're - both of them are very important in what Harry ends up having to do.

("both", in her quote above, refers to Harry's father...but...)...I think Snape is Harry's father :) He has been charmed to look like James Potter. Snape knows, which is why he was particularly upset that Harry saw his memories in the Pensieve (in Order of the Phoenix)...because Lily was defending him (and being nice to him). He didn't want Harry to know, and thus, Voldemort to know.

2. The Dumbledore that died was actually the brother, the real Dumbledore is still out there. I base that on some subtle differences in the way Dumbledore interacts with Harry in the Half-Blood prince.

3. Hermione will die - killed by Voldemort

4. Neville will die fighting, and ultimately destroying, Bellatix Lestrange, who had driven his parents insane when she used the Cruciatus Curse on them.

5. Harry will live, but in destroying the Horcruxes, and the PART of Voldemort's soul that resides within him (Harry), he will lose his magical abilities.

There....if I am right, I will leave this post up...otherwise...boink...