Friday, June 29, 2007

Protestors block highway

Canada's busiest traffic corridor, between Montreal and Toronto, has been blocked by a small band of Mohawk protesters. Highways 401 and the VIA rail line in that corridor have effectively been shut down to "raise public awareness of native concerns such as poverty, health and land claims.". Here's a newsflash for native people across the country: We don't give a shit about your land claims. Period. Fuck off. When Europeans cames to this continent, you as a race had barely progressed beyond the fucking stone age. You weren't even as advanced as the Aztecs or Mayans. You hadn't even invented the fucking wheel yet! You were a race on an absolute decline.

Land isn't sacred. The Mighty Gitchi Manitou doesn't exist. The Spirit of the Bear won't guide you to enlightenment. Poverty in the reservations is YOUR fault, not the government's. Not the rest of Canada's. You have chosen to live in ignorance and stupidity for decades, and now it is biting you on the ass, and you want us to fix it. The mistake past governments made was in establishing reservations in the first place. If you had been forced to live in the read world all those decades ago, you would be better off today.

You lost. The world has long since passed your culture by. You are irrelevant. Assimilate into the rest of Canadian society, or simply fade away as a failed experiment in social engineering. Either way, problem solved.