Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Television sucks

Not that this comes as a surprise to someone with at least half-a-brain, but as the post title states: Television sucks! I am in the process of participating in one of those viewing surveys...I think it's a one or two week exercise in which I record the times the TV is on, which programs, and who is watching. Something like the Neilsen's in the States but without the cool, geeky hardware.

Anyways, the first week started last Thursday. It went something like this: from 6:00AM to 6:30AM, while getting my kids up, they watched Giselle's Big Backyard on TVOntario - the station is sort of like PBS without all the telethons. Then, the TV was off until that evening, when my daughter put on a DVD of Friends, season 6. She watched that for about an hour before going to bed, then I watched about 15 minutes of South Park. Friday started about the same, but then in the evening, since my kids were at their mother's, was the DVD Kelly's Heroes. On Saturday and Sunday, the TV never even went on.

Let's face it, the Internet is a helluva lot more entertaining than the commercial-filled crap with which they fill up the airwaves. I will occasionally catch an episode of House and The Simpsons, but not much else.

I can't imagine EVER buying digital cable or satellite. I couldn't justify the cost for something so banal and bland.

Television, in it's current format, is finished. Truly. Viewership is steadily declining. The only hope it has is some sort of war or massive natural disaster...since, let's face it, the best ratings CNN ever got were the first Gulf War and 9/11.