Tuesday, September 04, 2007

My experiences with the Great Unwashed

I have for years avoided events like the "Ottawa Super Ex" simply because I can not stand being that close to the Great Unwashed that seem to crawl out of whatever substandard housing they were living under in order to infest dusty social gatherings like local fairs and exhibitions. This past Saturday I attended an event I attend every year with my children and their mother...the Gatineau Balloon Festival. Each year it gets busier and busier, which, believe me, is not a good thing....for there they were, the masses I so wanted to avoid.

They look dirty and unhealthy, they dress dirty...women walking through gravel and dirt fairgrounds wearing some cheap-ass high heel shoes they must have bought at a hooker's garage sale. Cigarettes dangling out of their mouths as they attend to their poor children. Teenaged boys, white, dressed like something out of a Walmart's version of a rapper; hat turned sideways, pants hanging down below their butt cracks, wearing fleece skater's hoodies even though it is boiling out, little faux moustache, and, of course, the ever present deathstick. Teenaged girls, stomachs bared, showing off their white trash tramp stamps, and, of course, the ever present deathstick. You might wonder if their parents are less than proud at the spawn they have produced. Then you see their parents, and wonder at the state of the human race.

IQs are dropping, as the Great Unwashed breed unchecked and unleash their progeny upon a slowly declining world population. Idiots who would not have seen sexual maturity even a hundred years ago because they would have ended up dead through their own misfortune are now protected by the nanny state, and kept alive, in this country and many others around the world at least, through universal healthcare. Morons who can not find any viable means of support now have their lives paid for by taxpayers through welfare and employment programs. You want to know why dealing with the government is so painful, you need not look any further than the masses of unwashed who populate many bureaucracies.

I am not referring to rednecks or hillbillies. Those people have become self-sufficient in a lot of ways. They are able to do a lot of things that even more educated people cannot: tear down and rebuild an engine, hunt, skin an animal. Come the apocalypse, they will survive. No, the Great Unwashed to which I am referring are the white trash living in motor homes, subsisting on McDonald's and the public dole. Who's worth can only be measured by how better the world would be WITHOUT them in it. The lazy and shiftless members of minority classes whose lives seem to revolve on how to avoid work, and how it is the MAN'S fault they have nothing.

These are the people I would love to avoid for the rest of my life.