Thursday, September 20, 2007

Snakes in a mouth many beers would you have to drink before you could put a rattlesnake head first into your mouth? 100...200?

Some guy in Oregon, admittedly a little tipsy on a 6-pack of American beer (which is, what, the equivalent of 2 Canadian beers in alcoholic content?), stuffed his pet rattlesnake into his mouth to amuse his friends....

There are two things wrong with the above is putting a rattlesnake into your mouth...another is to have a pet rattlesnake to begin with!

He comments on his near death experience:
“It's actually kind of my own stupid fault,”

Er..."kind of"? Really? Just kind of?

I think this would have been better if this numbnuts ended up as a Darwin Award winner. With any luck, maybe he will be sterile.