Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Left and the Right

You know, I consider myself all over the political spectrum. I don't have any particular allegiance to the political left or the right. So, I think I might have a fairly objective viewpoint.

The blogosphere is dominated by those with left-wing opinions, educated or not. The tone of most of their diatribes remind me of the same diatribes I see coming out of the Right. But whereas the Right is harsh and insulting, the Left tends to be anyone with opinions that differ from theirs is substandard and a fool.

Rarely have I ever seen anyone from either side admit to being wrong and modifying their opinions...but less so from anyone on the Left. This is the same argument I had about unions: how viable is an organization if, in its own collective mind, IT IS NEVER WRONG? When is the last time a union has said "Oops, we screwed up. Boy, were we ever wrong. Sorry about shutting down the company...can you reopen the factories so we can get our jobs back?"? I mean, the present US administration is a prime example of Right-wing loonies who cannot admit they have screwed up, but since the Left is "so intelligent" and "knowledgable" about everything to do with life, the universe, and everything, they must be intelligent enough to realize that they can, and are, often wrong on issues.

Nope. Not in my experience. For proof, I offer any number of left-of-centre blogs as proof.