Monday, November 14, 2005

Thoughts on Politics as a "Career"

Now that a federal election is imminent, I keep thinking about an idea I had a while back regarding the seemingly constant problems with corrupt politicians.

I don't think anyone should choose to run for office....I think it should be like jury duty. Every 4 years, a random selection is made in each riding of potential candidates (like potential jurors...!). Administrative representatives from each party choose from those available (like jury selection). These are the people who will run in the election for each party. One way to be disqualified is to have shown any interest at all in RUNNING for political office. Nor can you be a lawyer or an accountant. Perhaps a basic personality and intelligence test...though, to some, that may sound elitist.

You can only serve a maximum of 8 years (two terms). Your 2nd four years is voluntary. No one is eligible for a Senate position (in fact, the Senate would be abolished).

From within the candidates of each party selected to run in an election, someone is chosen to be the PM (no convention, only those selected to run can choose their "leader").

Also, after every election, the Deputy Ministers of every federal department are reviewed, exhaustively. This will weed out the corrupt ones, hopefully. This is done by ALL the people elected, regardless of the governing party.