Wednesday, November 16, 2005


(Okay...okay...I know I am blasting too many posts all at one, but hey...the floodgates seem to be open right now...if anyone has an RSS feed of my site, my apologies for inundating you (though, I doubt anyone does).)

Now, to the meaning of the title of this post..."Wha?". Check out this nutbar called Dr. Kamau Kambon and some of the things he said in an address at the Howard University Law School...essentially he is telling people that we (meaning blacks) should exterminate all white people.

Around the same time ABC news had this headline: Young Singers Spread Racist Hate. So, in the interest of unbiased news reporting, where is ABC's headline: African American Doctor Spreads Racist Hate? I mean, I'm just asking.

Can anyone say The Turner Diaries. How does that book (and I am stretching the definition of the word "book" here) differ from the comments of this nutcase? Oh...right...he's black...he can say these things. I guess that's it.

If a white guy had said something like that, the blogosphere would be all over it. Funny. Funny, too, how it was a black blogger from whom I first heard of this (La Shawn Barber).