Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Reasons to Hate the Leaves


Reason 1:

The NHL is back. 29 of the 30 teams paint the slogan "Thank you, fans" on the ice. Toronto, on the other hand, paints "Thank you, Leafs fans". Typical obnoxiousness.

Reason 2:

INXS, while on a promotional tour for their new, soon-to-be-release CD "Switch", sing the national anthems at a Toronto Maple Leafs (sic) home game. All but one of the members of the band are Australian and probably know NOTHING about hockey. They are all wearing Leafs (sic) jersies. Obnoxiousness.

Reason 3:

Oddly, the Leafs (sic)have won the past few games while enjoying a 5 on 3 power play. Very odd, given the set of circumstances that have to be present for that to happen. Can you say "fixed"?

Reason 4:

Based on Reason #3, they have won more games than they should have, simply due to somewhat questionable calls by the refs. I mean, once in while it happens, but at least two games in a row?? Too suspicious.

Reason 5:

It appears that only Leafs (sic) home games are in High Definition.

Reason 6:

There is no such word as "Leafs" in the english language.